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What's a Company Profile?

What's included in a Company Profile?

Created for potential customers, stakeholders, suppliers, financial institutions, government regulators and potential investors; a company profile is defined as a professional introduction aimed at capturing the attention of the readers to inform them about the company succinctly.

It is designed to make a powerful impact and a good first impression on them.

A company profile that is written and designed with care acts as an opportunity for your organization to differentiate itself from the crowd. It is described as a resume that helps to establish the credibility of your business in the market.

A concise profile often includes information like:

  • Name of the company

  • Structure of the company

  • Location & Contact information

  • Email address of the company

  • Founders, partners and associates

  • Important executives, management team and board members

  • Overall business activities

  • Operational data of the company

  • Overall business strategy including visionmission and purpose

  • Products and services offered

  • Pricing information

  • Financial data, assets, profits & revenues

  • Previous, present and future performances

  • History of the company

  • Physical, financial & human resources

  • Management and organizational structure

  • Short & long-term goals of the company

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